Learn faster by chatting with a partner

Two people, two languages,
a common goal

If you want to learn a language you have to speak it! In a language tandem two people with different mother tongues are keen on learning the other person’s language. What else? You need to have time for regular meetings and should be interested in getting to know other people and having a chat with them. More details

How it works – of course free of charge

  1. My offer
    Provide your native language or any other language you speak (almost) perfectly.
  2. My search
    Put down the language you want to learn. In order to have a conversation you should have at least a basic knowledge in that language.
  3. Where I live
    If you provide your area code you will receive a matching partner nearby. If distance does not matter to you or if you are interested in meeting online just leave this blank.

Let’s go

Here you can fill in your tandem profile. It is completely free of charge. The only requirement: your email address. A photo might increase your chances, but it is not compulsory.
All communication will be held via this platform not via your private email account.